We Wondr is a boutique retail property consultancy,

led by strategist and architect, Vanessa Canceri.

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Creating the outcome you’ve never even imagined



We Wondr is all about the big questions. Led by Vanessa Canceri, we start every project from a position of curiosity, asking ‘Why?’ and ‘What’s next?’

This insatiable drive to not settle for the ordinary, combined with a unique ability to identify trends and spot opportunities, means Vanessa has been the force behind some of the most creative and ground-breaking retail projects globally. As a thought leader, Vanessa brings fresh perspectives and ideas to turn your spaces from ordinary to experiential.

Of course, ideas mean nothing without the right execution. Vanessa’s collaborative nature and contagious passion takes projects from concept to reality with high standards and an eye for detail that ensures commercial success.



The changes in retail over the past few years mean that the old formula is broken. Playing it safe doesn’t deliver the commercial returns you need.

But creativity doesn’t have to mean reckless. When you work with We Wondr, you tap into Vanessa Canceri’s extensive track record of creating category-defying spaces. We know that your retail property assets need to perform stronger than ever in today’s challenging market conditions and you need to stand out from your competitors. Our ideas are always backed by an underlying goal to deliver bottom line success.

Blending retail strategy, placemaking, design management and delivery, we’ll help you to create and manage spaces that break the mould, deliver on customer expectations AND provide continued return on investment.



With over 20 years’ experience creating engaging spaces, we can help you at every step of your project’s lifecycle. Whether you need design and strategy guidance or ongoing implementation support, we can help you to get maximum returns from your property asset.



Our clients are seeking spaces beyond the ordinary. You want to give your retailers and customers a space that makes them feel, that provides an experience. You don’t know what’s possible, but you know that there’s potential beyond the average and the safe. We’ll help you find what that something is.

Our specialist skills in retail, hospitality and wellness spaces start with a deep understanding of consumer behaviour to create spaces where people truly want to spend time and money. In addition, we believe in the power of well-designed spaces to help people live at their best. As Green Star Accredited Professionals, we’ll help you deliver innovative sustainable building initiatives, partnerships and fitouts.




What They’re Saying


I had the privilege of working with Vanessa for many years at Westfield/Scentre Group. Vanessa was a true business partner and her understanding and appreciation of marketing and the value of understanding the customer experience, ensured that we were able to always effectively collaborate on various projects. These projects included innovation on developments, new retail concepts and future visioning on both product and experiences. I would highly recommend Vanessa. Her understanding of the customer experience, retailer performance and market trends makes her able to add value to any project and business.

Jaqui Waine

General Manager

Brand Experience Activation & Community

Scentre Group

Vanessa is a creative and visionary leader, she operates with a high level of integrity and leads by example. Through her dedication and undying support, we were able to work collaboratively with her team and create innovative outcomes for Scentre Group. We would love to work with Vanessa again.

Andrew Moffitt


Moffitt Moffitt

I cannot be too fulsome in my recommendations of Vanessa. We’ve worked closely on a number of Westfield’s food projects, including Westfield Sydney. Vanessa is a creative and forward thinker when it comes to the customer. She places the customer at the centre of her decision making, especially when on food-related projects. Her multi disciplined approach to design-driven solutions has been proven in her capability to deliver outstanding results especially from a hospitality-design perspective. She is well-travelled and informed about what is on-trend. She understands what makes people happy when it comes to food and design. She knows design and how it should look in the future so as to deliver positive customer experiences. Vanessa understands the bigger picture and knows how to build a road map to achieve this through her strategic alliances and multidisciplinary associations across the project’s team. Her ability to listen and always demonstrate respect for her co-workers and associates is one of her personal strengths. She is a leader and mentor to the many teams she has managed, is an excellent communicator and has built strong partnerships of trust and respect with her colleagues, consultants and retailers.

Francis Loughran

Managing Director

Future Food

Australia's Food and Hospitality Consultants

I had the pleasure of working with Vanessa at Mirvac. Vanessa came with a wealth of knowledge and was able to add valuable contribution to the retail team immediately. She demonstrated a high level of creative and strategic thinking, that ensured we achieved the social, place and economic goals of the projects she was involved with. I would recommend Vanessa for any development requiring out of the box strategic thinking.

Theo van Veenendaal



Australian Real Estate Solutions

I had the pleasure of working alongside Vanessa for many years at Westfield and Scentre Group. She added enormous creative value, ideas and energy to our team and the Hospitality, Leisure and Entertainment division and category as a whole. She is well respected and a tremendous leader and role model within the Retail Industry.

Patrick Sergi


United Property Services